Link Exchange Benefits

Relevant link exchanges are a key component of any search engine optimization strategy. Partnering with The Pregnancy Connection (TPC) leverages the strength of sites and organizations that are leaders both in the reproductive and pregnancy community and in the ranking system of Google and Yahoo and other search engines.

As a link exchange partner, your site will experience the following benefits:

  • Page Rank Power - Every site participating in the TPC network has a Page Rank (PR) of 3 or better
  • Comprehensive Links – In one quick and simple process, your site will receive 5 links all with page rank and significant Google presence.
  • Relevant Links – Google and other search engines evaluate the “relevance” of your links. Because you are exchanging links with TPC, all links inbound and outbound links are relevant. Not only well ranked but directly relevant!
  • Key Word Focused - You may designate the key words and description associated with your links. Key words are limited to 3 and descriptions are limited to 30 words.

Please read through the entire “Linking” section before submitting any requests or adding any links. If you have any questions, please contact