Link Exchange Coding

Please Read Carefully! It is important that you follow instructions completely. TPC has a link exchange system in place that must be followed as outlined below.

  • Your site must be parenting, pregnancy, women’s health, or baby related
  • Your site must link to every site included in the network
  • You must link to each site first before submitting your request
  • Your site must have a PR3 or higher
  • The links page must have a PR1 or higher

Link Instructions

Reminder – You must link to each site first before submitting your request. The descriptions are optional depending on if your site uses descriptions or not. If you have descriptions, then please use the ones provided below.

Link Title: Pregnancy
Description: Learn about everything related to pregnancy from the American Pregnancy Association

Link Title: Teen Pregnancy
Description: National helpline that supports teenagers who discover that they are pregnant unexpectedly.

Link Title: Maternity Coverage
Description: Site that helps pregnant women without insurance find access to care through Medicaid, discount programs, and alternative types of care.

Link Title: Medicaid
Description: Free Medicaid application assistance for pregnant women.

Link Title: Symptoms of Pregnancy
Description: Examine your pregnancy symptoms from different perspectives and look at possible alternative explanations for the symptoms of pregnancy.

Link Title:Pregnancy Journal
Description: Place for tracking your pregnancy, posting pictures, recording milestones and sharing with friends and more. All free.

Link Title: The Pregnancy Connection
Description: A network of pregnancy and parenting sites committed to help connect moms and moms-to-be to the services and resouces she needs for a healthy and positive pregnancy and birth experience.