Partner Site Benefits

TPC member sites will experience immediate and longevity related benefits that secure their position and presence in the reproductive and pregnancy online community.

As a TPC Partner Site, you will experience the following benefits:

Exclusive “Category” Rights
Your site will have exclusive TPC rights as the sole partner site within the TPC network for a designated category. For example, your site is dedicated to Birth Announcements and you become a member of the pregnancy connection – NO OTHER “birth announcement” site may join the network.

First Right of Refusal
Once you are a member Partner Site, you have the first right of refusal to participate in The Pregnancy Connection Network. Another “category” related site may not bump you out. Your participation is guaranteed as long as you comply with TPC requirements.

Comprehensive Presence in the Shopping Directory
Each TPC partner site may select 20 additional cities to feature their site in the shopping directory. For example, although your services are based in Chicago, potential customers may find you by searching in Dallas, Atlanta or other key cities that you select.

Immediate increase in market share
Your site will instantly become accessible from other TPC partner sites. New customers will find you from other TPC partner sites that would not have found you otherwise.

Effective and Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization
Your site will be discovered and linked to because of the success of other TPC sites. For example, a site wishing to exchange links with the American Pregnancy Association will be directed to the TPC for linking instructions. Linking instructions include the requirement to link to all TPC partner sites.

Targeted Link Campaigns
Through the TPC system, you can designate key search terms that you want to increase your site positioning. Move up the search results quickly and then switch to a new key search term.

Public Relations
Visitors to your site will see you investing in the community by providing access to health professionals that support moms and moms-to-be. Research shows that 87% of people fee more comfortable working with organizations that are returning to the community.