Partner Site Options

You are interested in joining The Pregnancy Connection, but you don’t have the man power or time to manage a link campaign or your site only has page rank of 2 (PR2).

The Pregnancy Connection is good at evaluating and recognizing up and coming sites and we also provide optional tools to leverage your partnership effectively.

Link Management:
Although adding links to your site is easy, it is time consuming particularly when it occurs on a daily basis. For a $300 monthly link management retainer, the TPC will add and manage the links submitted to your site.

Early Entry:
You know you have a good site that is up and coming. You can pay a monthly participation fee of $50 and reap all the benefits of the TPC network until your site has reached a page rank of 4 (PR4). Because of the effectiveness of the TPC network, you should expect to reach a PR4 in less than a year.

Key Word Management:
You can enlist the key word management program from the TPC which will monitor your key word search results in Google. The TPC management team will automatically change your key word linking campaign each time your results enter the desired search results range. The KWM program is $200 a month. This is one of the most effective ways to improve your search results positioning without having to do anything.